Smart Layout 

for Adobe XD

Automatic content flow to boost your productivity

Vertical stacking with gaps, paddings, margins and more for Adobe XD. A real time saver when dealing with more complex layouts. Great for creating design variations much faster.

Smart Layout Overview

Smart Layout makes you faster

Use vertical content stacking, gaps, margins and paddings to create powerful layouts that can easily be tweaked. Creating layout variations has never been easier.

Auto background detection

Just place your elements within the boundaries of your background and the plugin does the rest thanks to automatic background detection.

Smart Layout for Adobe XD: Auto backgronud detection
Smart Layout for Adobe XD: Container Properties

Container properties

Smart Layout supports stacking, gaps and paddings on container level.
More container properties will be added soon.

Element properties

On element level you can move elements up and down with one click. You can also set an element as background or even exclude it from auto layout (stacking). If the container gap is not enough you can also add additional margins on element level.

Smart Layout for Adobe XD: Element Properties
Smart Layout for Adobe XD: Visual Inspector

Visual inspector

Smart Layout comes with a visual inspector that helps you understand even complex layouts. It shows all paddings, gaps and additional margins of a layout container.